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About Us

Radtec is a highly specialized business based in Staffordshire England that for several years has been leading the way in innovative design and manufacture for the motor industry. We supply products such as radiators, intercoolers and oil coolers to an extremely high performing level. We also supply fuel tanks, water tanks, and dry sump tanks and are prepared to work with the customer when it comes to design criteria on a single purchase or batch purchase basis. We also undertake aluminum fabrication work for many of our customers and are happy to do so. radtec new workshop


Radtec currently supplies products all over the world and with the launch of our e-commerce based website we are hoping to increase export capabilities, towards this end we have tried hard to produce a website that makes ordering online easy and fully informative.

Radtec is also the producer of the brand name water wetter COOLBOOST. This is one of those products that ounce tried seems to be continually re-ordered by the customer and while performing the task of increasing the cooling capacity of your system also has strong additives to keep it clean and corrosion free.

Radtec has evolved in to a company that now supplies original equipment cooling products to several companies, our product knowledge and easy going attitude towards design and manufacture has allowed products such as Fuel tanks, dry sump tanks, radiators, oil coolers, Intercoolers to be fitted to various cars on an original equipment basis. We are currently the supplier for the Koenigsegg CCX, arguably on of the most exciting and highest performing sports car currently available.